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Amara Mystic

Amara Mystic is a special fabric because even marks by ballpoint pen can be easily cleaned just with water.


Amara is a sophisticated upholstery textile, warm, fresh, pleasant, practical and very elegant available in a range of contemporary colors.

Aqua Clean - Advanced Technology - Amara Mystic fabric uses "Aqua Clean" technology. The advantage of "Aqua Clean" from other protective systems is that instead of creating a superficial film the  "Aqua Clean" protection forms part of the actual fabric covering it fiber by fiber in an invisible transparent manner.

The first noticeable advantage is that the fabric is easy to clean and does not need to be put into a washing machine thus saving energy, water and detergent.

Aqua Clean is also a biodegradable protective system free of chlorinated organic compounds.

Aqua Clean is an environmentally friendly fabric.

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